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Metal roofing is widely used as a cover for low-rise houses of cottage type and for new multi-storey construction of residential and public buildings, as well as for production facilities, including a complex form of roofs.

The basis for the metal roofing is the supports for fastening the sheets (purlins or roof sheathing).

Advantages of metal roofing:

  • ease of laying;
  • durability;
  • practically, it is not subject to atmospheric influences;
  • absence of operating costs;
  • light weight.

Our company produces and sells a wide range of sheet metal roofing panels. Along with the traditional profiled sheeting and metal tile roofing, we offer seamed roofing and roofing diamonds.

At us you receive not only consulting help, but also the fullest list of services. That is, you just need to come and choose the option you like, and everything else (measurements, …, editing) we will do.

1) Contacting the company

In our work with clients, we strive to achieve the maximum degree of comfort and productivity from the first call to the completion of installation of roofing enclosures made of thin sheet metal. Therefore, we offer our clients to choose the most convenient option for them to establish the initial contact.

This can be a direct call, a written request to a specialist from the section “Contacts” or filling in the form “Technical specification for the calculation of roofing enclosures and roofing elements.”


2) Technical consultation.
After establishing the initial contact with you, our specialist will contact you to clarify all the necessary data for the preliminary calculation of your roof. It can be information about the construction site, the designation of the building, the geometry of the skates and the shape of the roof, the material, and thickness of the roof sub-structure, the type of roofing enclosures, the desired completion of the installation, the need to calculate additional elements, etc.

If necessary, our specialist can additionally conduct a brief presentation of the company, provide data on projects similar to your projects, and additional technical information. It is possible for our specialists to go to the Customer’s site to make the necessary measurements and technical consultations.

Also our specialists can provide for you visualization of the roofing enclosure of the building to coordinate all the nuances of your project.

3) Pre-project commercial offer
After the technical consultations, the technical design for the roofing is made. On the basis of the received data, a preliminary commercial proposal is formed that will contain all the necessary information on the quantity and cost of all specified elements of roofing enclosures + all necessary installation schemes and layouts of roofing elements. At this stage, approximate dimensions of the facade are used – design data or dimensions provided by the customer.

4) Designing
The use of modern software systems allows you to perform design work of high complexity in a high-quality, inexpensive and in the shortest possible time.

On the basis of the Terms of Reference for Design, an agreement is drawn up, which shows the time and cost of the number of materials required for the customer.

At this stage, corrections, changes, and approvals can be made at any stage of the project. Preproduction preparation is also carried out taking into account the technological possibilities of production and installation works. 

5) Production of roofing enclosures

After agreeing the project, we can begin to manufacture roofing enclosures in our production.

The terms of production, schedules of delivery, the order of the delivered items are agreed with the Customer. All this is found in the Delivery Agreement.

Also we can carry out the delivery of structures to the site by our own or hired heavy-haul transport.

All products produced by our factories are accompanied by quality certificates and relevant certificates.

6) Installation of bearing and enclosing structures

Installation of the roof can be carried out either by the forces of the customer’s installation departments or our construction brigades, equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment.

 If it is necessary to ensure a shortened time for installation works, our company, by agreement with the Customer, can hire subcontractors, provided that they comply with all Building Norms and Rules.