Metal tile roofing

Metal tile is a thin sheet of metal, from which cold stamping is made of panels imitating various types of tiles by their form. Our company produces and sells the 3 most popular types of metal tile::

– «Treviso» (Scandinavian style)

– «Antibes»  (Mediterranean style)


Metal tile roofing is used as a universal roof panel for the construction of suburban complexes, residential low-rise buildings, cottages, campsites and mansions, shopping and sports facilities in all climatic zones. The only limitation is that the angle of the roof slope must be more than 12 degrees.

Having bought metal from the company “Termastil”, you will receive panels of metal roofs of a certain length, which are suitable for your roof, on the basis of installation layouts, calculated by our specialists. Roofers, having on hand this layout of the sheets of metal tile, easily and quickly carry out the installation of the roof of any level of complexity. Like profiled sheeting, metal tile sheets can be mounted on any lathing (wood to metal). When reconstructing the roof of an existing building, there is no need to dismantle the old roofing material or old smooth metal sheets.

Metal tile easily breathes fresh life into the old roof and will give a stylish and spectacular view of the building as a whole. The installation of our metal tiles is facilitated by the presence of various additional elements (skates, wind deflectors, roof ice rakes, chase aprons, etc.), which are supplied with sheets of metal to your building.

Advantages of “Antibes”, “Treviso” and “Venecja”:

  • – bright, memorable appearance and style
  • – extensive choice of colors and textures of polymer coatings
  • – easiness and high speed of laying
  • – mechanical and corrosion resistance of the material to unfavorable environmental conditions
  • – ecological compatibility and fire safety
  • – depending on the type of polymer coating, the ability to work with the material at low temperatures.

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