Roofing rhombs

A special kind of material for the roof, made of galvanized steel with a polymer / matt polymer coating, copper, aluminum, aluminum zinc. Rhombuses give a special charm, create exclusivity, uniqueness of the roof, because of its meager prevalence in the territories of the CIS countries.

Roofing rhombs (scales) – with high-quality installation, increase the time-free operation of the roof several times, there are known cases of exploitation of such roofs for several centuries. The technology of laying rhombuses, as well as the correct arrangement of the undercover “pie” provide the highest level of ventilation of the roof.

The rhombs are used for any, most complex, irregular, intricate roof forms: even such as a round, domed, “bulb”, a roof with a counter-curlon.

Often rhombuses are used in the construction and restoration of churches, cathedrals, etc., as well as in individual buildings, in the construction of houses and cottages.

Rhombuses have a number of advantages:

• This is a roofing material that does not have through holes but is fastened with hidden fasteners.

• Easy to install.

• The rhombs visually compensate for the differences in the surface of the “top” part of the roofing pie, smooth out the unevenness of the corners. This is true for restorations of buildings.

• When using galvanized steel with a polyester/mat-polyester coating in production, the material becomes resistant to corrosion processes, unfavorable weather events.

• The choice of color solutions for the RAL palette in the manufacture of rhombs, makes it possible to give any building a unique look.

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