Seam roofing

Seam roofing is one of the most ancient, at the same time, reliable, high-quality and progressive types of roofing made of metal, this technology guarantees perfect sealing of the roof.

The technology of fastening and laying the folded pattern ensures that there is no leakage and no through holes in the roofing material.


Seam with microribs

Fold lock is a combination of two paintings along the entire length, wrapped several times, in the rib, either standing (vertically) or lying (horizontally). In the lock there are no glues, no seals, all fasteners are hidden in the lock “wrapped” knot.

The folding lock, due to its construction, forms a longitudinal rib of the stiffness of the roofing material, and is also a guide for the longitudinal descent of water and snow, while the lateral “uncontrolled” convergence of snow and water is completely excluded.

Mounting the seam sheets is possible on roofs of any shape and complexity.

The lock lock can be of several types – “recumbent” single and double (horizontal), standing single and double (vertical). Double lock is more reliable, with the lock excluded: the penetration of water or the divergence of two neighboring sheets. Therefore, “Thermastil” produces folded paintings with a double standing lock.

Fig.1 Types of connection of the pictures of the seamed roof.

Folded standing locks fasten metal pictures along the roof slope, and lying across, this explains the characteristic longitudinal or transverse pattern of folded roofs.

Mounted seamed roof on the crate sparse or solid. So that the seam sheets do not sag, it is necessary to withstand the step of the crate.

For the lathing the most often used materials are: a bar 50 × 50, a board 32 × 100, they are fastened from the eaves to the ridge. In many respects, the quality of the lock connection depends on the installation of the lathing, and therefore the lifetime of the fold, respectively. It is also necessary to lay anti-condensation film, according to the rafters, before installing the battens.

In valleys, on the eaves it is recommended to use the lathing of a continuous type, with a width of 700 mm. Under the lateral seam, the folded sheet should be laid over the board with a width of 120 mm. It is on this board where transverse lock lying or standing should be placed.

Also, a solid wooden crate must be used when installing roofs with a slope of less than 20 °

When constructing a roofing pie, a ventilation gap must be formed under the seam roof.

Bending or closing of the locks is carried out directly on the roof. To fold or roll up the locks of the seam roof can be done with the help of special manual tool or automatic (eg: creasing or banding machine).

Not movable clamps are used for fixing the seam pattern on the slopes no more than 6 meters, for longer lengths of skates floating (sliding) clamps are used.


Advantages of the seam roofing system

• Light weight of roofing material. From 3,5 to 7,5 kg weight of one sq.m. Accordingly, there is the possibility of using the old rafter system.

• Snow and water do not have contact with the fasteners of the folded sheet, since they have a hidden type of fastening and are hidden directly under the roofing.

• The integrity of the roof. Double standing lock securely connects two sheets and practically excludes its divergence or separation. The seamed sheet without loss of integrity compensates for not large deformations, possibly including due to deformation of the bearing elements.

• Saving on the material. This is especially evident on roofs on complex structures.

• In the system of seam roofing, all additional elements are secured secretly, without damaging the sheet.

• On a smooth plane of the picture, the rainwater does not stay on the roof and quickly descends.

• Variety of colors.

• Resistance to corrosion, due to a special coating (finish layer Clear).

• Roof lifetime from 25 to 100 years.

Our company offers seam roofing of 2 types (according to the form of the sheet):

– smooth;

– with ribs of rigidity.

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