A modern approach to the construction of any type of buildings and structures needs a completion of a scope of works and activities on different stages of the construction process. The full range of such works is known as general construction works. They include preparation and excavation works, design, insulation and finishing works and also land improvement.


Such package approach is cost-effective for a client in comparison with completion of all there tasks by different contractors, high level of communication on different stages of work and quality control in timely manner.


Preparation works aimed to prepare the site, provide temporary utility systems (water, electricity) and access roads for heavy equipment and construction transport.


Geodetic marking, site zoning according to construction plan, clearing and grubbing, fencing, temporary construction facilities (warehouses, accomodation units and other premises)


Excavation works have an effect on durability and reliability of the whole facility as they include not only soil removing, foundation pit and trenches excavating, but also soil compacting.


Building and structure design are the works with the foundation, walls and roof erection/construction. Foundation can be made with different technologies. It can be precast reinforced concrete blocks, monolith slab pouring, mortar pouring to the formwork, masonry construction as well as pile foundation setting.


After foundation is set, the wall erection is taking place according to the structure plan. Walls can be made as of brick, rock, aerated concrete, reinforced concrete structures, as with the quick erected building technologies and using precast steel works.


Roof construction is the end of this construction stage. At first the roof abutments are set, then roof covering material is installing. It can be roll covering, steel sheets, composite or inartificial roof tile


Insulation works as general construction works are divided into 3 types which are waterproofing, thermal insulation and sound damping.


These works must be fulfilled on a hight level in order to prevent moisture penetration to foundation, walls and roof; to increase energy saving properties of the building (to keep warm in winter and comfortable temperature in summer) and also to spare the building from the external noises

Finishing works are one of the final steps of every construction. They include partition walls erecting, different types of plasterworks, tilting, puttying, window and door systems installing, flooring, assembling and instaling of the gypsum pasterboard systems, ceramic and artificial stones masonry, cladding etc.


High level of excellence and professionalism are necessary for finishing works.


Land improvement is an essential part of general contracting works that implies territory clean-up of the demolition waste, concreting of the adjacent roads and sites to the building, tile laying upon the pavements, curb installing, laying and installing of flower gardens, lawns, hard landscapings and other types of works.


The goal of this work package is not only to upgrade the territory, but also to bring into compliance with sanitation and hygiene standards

Our construction company has many years of experience in general contracting that was gained
during diffrent types of facility construction. Being a general contractor, we have always met the deadlines successfully.


Thanks to continuous availability of construction facilities, our experts maintain their skills on a high level and do their job in a good and honest manner.