General contracting

General contracting services

General contracting services

The general contracting is a system for managing the project’s construction or reconstruction that allows taking into account the interests of the Customer and the General Designer, subcontractors, and suppliers with all participants on the construction site to achieve minimum deadlines, high production quality and minimize losses of labor and material resources.
Construction company “Kreator” provides general contractor services as part of a full-scale individual or commercial construction of the highest level of complexity.
The general contractor is responsible for the production quality of all work, performed both in-house and with subcontracting, assuming all possible construction risks in general. In the process of providing services, the general contractor solves a number of important issues:

– technical consulting and designing;
– carrying out geodetic work;
– development of designing, technical and budget documentation with optimization of the best solutions;
– search for and attraction of specialized subcontractors with a proven track record to construction work;
– building logistics to provide the facility with the necessary materials and resources;
– organization of interaction between subcontractors and resolution of conflict situations;
– constant technological and quality control of each stage of work with the signing of interim certificates of admission;
– Accurate compliance with fire safety, labor protection, environmental standards;
– coordination of the work carried out in the state control bodies;
– control of financial flows within the approved expenditure budget;
– Conducting current and full settlements with third-party organizations and individuals involved;
– Preparation of a set of executive documentation for the completion of construction;
– putting the facility into operation.

Due to the clearly developed concept, the general contracting services provided by CC “Kreator” allow implementing the most complex turnkey projects in the exact timeframes specified by the contractual obligations and in compliance with the approved building codes and requirements with the guarantee of high quality of all the works performed.

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