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In modern construction, ventilated facade systems are becoming increasingly popular. In the current reality, the appearance of the facades of structures is required to solve many tasks, including the arrangement of an attractive exterior and the protection of enclosing structures from harmful mechanical and weather influences.

So-called “wet facades” (plaster, bark beetle, etc.) are partially able to cope with these tasks, but if you need a more functional, durable and ergonomic finishing, pay attention to ventilated facade systems.

In short, the VFS consists of a metal frame that is mounted on the walls with the help of special fasteners, a layer of insulation, and decorative enclosing structures. The VFS mount system is a load-bearing profile fixed to the wall using special brackets. They control the distance between the wall and the guiding rails. This allows you to correct the curvature, stalling or wall defects made during the erection of the building.

The supporting profiles of the VFS are fixed on the wall of the facade with dowels or anchor bolts. VFS allows the use of different types of thermal insulation materials. The insulation is insulated with a special protective film protecting it from atmospheric moisture and air currents.

Our company produces a wide range of facing elements, able to satisfy any your requests.

1) Contacting the company

In our work with clients, we strive to achieve the maximum degree of comfort and productivity from the first call to the completion of installation of ventilated facade systems (VFS). Therefore, we offer our clients to choose the most convenient option for them to establish the initial contact.

It can be a direct call or a written request to the specialist from the “Contacts” section, filling in the form “Technical task for the reconstruction of the existing building facade” or “Terms of Reference for the design of enclosing structures of a building under construction” with contact information.

2) Technical consultation.
After establishing the initial contact with you, our specialist will contact you to clarify all the necessary data for the preliminary calculation of your building facade. This can be information about the proposed site of construction, the designation of the building, the geometry of the facade, the material and thickness of the walls, the type of VFS, the desired time for completion of installation, etc.

If necessary, our specialist can additionally conduct a brief presentation of the company, provide data on projects similar to your projects, and additional technical information. It is possible for our specialists to go to the Customer’s site to make the necessary measurements and technical consultations both for new construction and for the reconstruction of existing facades of buildings and structures.

Also, our specialists can provide you with a visualization of the facade of the building to coordinate all the nuances of your project.

3) Pre-project commercial offer
After carrying out technical consultations, a technical task is prepared for the design of the VFS. On the basis of the received data, a preliminary commercial proposal is formed that will contain all the necessary information on the number and cost of all specified elements of the VFS + all necessary wiring diagrams describing the entire “pie” (from the dowel to the front panel). At this stage, approximate dimensions of the facade are used – design data or dimensions provided by the customer.

4) Designing
The use of modern software systems allows you to perform design work of high complexity in a high-quality, inexpensive way and in the shortest possible time.

On the basis of the Terms of Reference for Design, an agreement is drawn up, which shows the time and cost of the number of materials required for the customer.

At this stage, corrections, changes, and considerations can be made to the project. Preproduction preparation is also carried out taking into account the technological possibilities of production and installation works. Further our engineers – designers go to the site and make all the measurements necessary for mounting the carrier system. After the installation of the system, final measurements are taken to accurately calculate the volume of the facade elements.

5) Installation of bearing and enclosing structures

Installation of the VFS can be carried out by the forces of the Customer’s installation departments and by our teams, equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment. The VFS technology allows performing works on installation practically all-the-year-round, with the exception of extremely low temperatures and direct precipitation.

If it is necessary to ensure a shortened time for installation works, our company, by agreement with the Customer, can attract subcontractors, provided that they comply with all Building Norms and Rules.