Insulation of facades.

Quite often, modern people are dissatisfied with the fact that in winter time for heating it is necessary to pay large sums. Sometimes utility bills are able to take half of the budget. This problem can be solved if, before the onset of cold weather, a certain insulation of the structure is made. The range of exterior decoration materials gives unlimited opportunities to anyone who wants to transform the appearance of the building, house, to hide minor defects, irregularities and utility systems. Today, among the leaders in demand is metal siding. The use of this material brings a unique color to the facade of any structure.

A multi-layer construction that is attached to the facade and consists of a supporting frame, insulation of various widths and densities, with waterproof and windproof membrane and decorative panels. Between the thermal pie and decorative panels an empty layer is made – a ventilated gap of at least 60 mm in height. It is on it and the moisture accumulated in the insulation is removed (eroded), it is removed due to natural air circulation.

Pros of mineral wool:

    • Excellent air permeability implies the establishment of the necessary microclimate inside the premises. The air becomes fresh, and the possibility of condensate and mold formation practically disappears;
    • this environmentally friendly material is suitable for use in rooms where people with allergies are located. The possibility of accumulation of harmful substances inside the premises is reduced, due to the absence of stagnant air in them;
    • fire resistance of the material makes it possible to increase the fire safety of the structure in general and wooden structures in particular. This material found its application in the thermal insulation of stone structures;
    • it is a vapor permeable material, and it still has good moisture resistance, which ensures that dampness does not appear, which is a very useful quality for panel houses. Mineral coating will insulate the building, and will act as a protection against “wetting”, ensuring the durability of the structure;
    • mineral wool is an acoustic material, which is due to its high elasticity and, consequently, good soundproofing qualities. Inside the rooms, insulated with mineral wool, almost no sound comes from outside. In such rooms it is pleasant to spend leisure after the end of a work day;


Thermal insulation of houses using the technology of hinged ventilated facades,  

  • implies the use of only high-quality materials at each stage of the work. Thermal insulation works originate from the preliminary preparation of the base and fixing of cotton wool, continue reinforcement and end with the decoration of the facade.


Insulation of the house

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