Metal siding

Metal siding is a facing panel, imitating the surface of the facade in the form of batten, board or log-shaped etc. Simple installation does not require much effort and therefore metal siding can be mounted by a team with little experience of facade work.

Metal siding can be used both with insulation, and without it. Panels protect the facade from undesirable environmental influences (wind, moisture, fungus formation, etc.) and at the same time serve as a decorative finish.

Its huge popularity is based on comparative cheapness, long service life, speed and ease of installation.

Our company, besides the panels, produces a huge list of additional boards (standard and non-standard), which will allow you to easily design any architectural detail of the facade. All this in a complex allows you to use metal siding on any buildings and gives you the opportunity to give your facade a novelty and a presentable appearance.

Our company offers the widest range of metal siding, allowing you to satisfy your most demanding wishes.

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