Aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panels for interior use

– panel thickness 3 mm;

– thickness of aluminum: 0.19 or 0.21 mm (0.3 mm – for a mirror coating);

– degree of flammability G-4;

– coating – PE (polyester);

– matte or glossy finish.

The polyester layer protects the surface of the aluminum composite panel from external influences, guarantees color stability and unlimited use in interior applications.

Aluminum composite panels for facade cladding


– panel thickness 4 mm;

– thickness of aluminum: 0.3; 0.4 or 0.5 mm;

– flammability degree G-1;

– coating – PVDF (or PE);


PVDF coating is a polymeric layer with exceptional resistance to weather conditions (moisture, heat, UV radiation, ice and snow, freezing and thawing cycles), which provides strength, durability of coating and color stability to burn-out throughout service life in outdoor applications.

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