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Light steel thin-walled structures (abbreviated LSTS).

Wireframe technology for the construction of residential, industrial and administrative buildings is the most common solution in low-rise construction. More than 80% of private housing in the world is built on this technology, including countries with harsh climatic conditions (Scandinavian countries, Canada, etc.). In Ukraine, frame housebuilding conquers more and more new fans, gradually replacing other methods of erecting low-rise buildingsю

History of technology

The main reason for the appearance of this technology was the need to build a large number of low-rise buildings for the middle-class corresponding to the climatic conditions of the country. Technology LSTS quickly acquired the nature of mass use, reducing (and in the suburbs and cities completely eliminating) the use of skeletons made of wood, because of their high cost, exposure to rot and exposure to pests. But the main factor for the development of the LSTS was still the possibility of industrial, mass production of steel profiles and the availability of material.

Composition of the LSTS

Lightweight steel thin-walled structures consist of galvanized profiles: guides, racks and jumper. Fastening of light steel thin-walled structures can be carried out with the help of threaded joints (screws, self-drilling or threading screws), bolts.

Use of LSTS/strong>

– Fencing structures in multi-storey construction;

– Intermediate and attic floors;

– During construction and reconstruction of attics;

– In the construction of cottages, townhouses, low-rise buildings (up to 3 floors);

– In the construction of hangars for industrial needs (production bases, garages, warehouses), agriculture (pig farms, cowsheds, poultry farms, vegetable stores) and trade (parking lots, car parks, shops, shopping centers and ranks);

– In the construction of civil facilities (hospitals, churches, schools and many others)

Important criteria for the design of the building are its environmental friendliness, thermal characteristics, cost, ease of erection, as well as comfortable operating conditions.

The construction of a frame house involves a large number of building materials, but their consumer and operational properties, as well as the cost, can be very different due to the availability of a wide range of manufacturers on the market.

We have developed optimal solutions for our customers, each of which satisfies the above requirements to a high degree.

You can read them further in the sections “Foundations”, “Walls”, “Overlapping” and “Roofing”.