1. Contacting the company

In working with clients, we strive to create the most comfortable conditions from the moment of acquaintance to the completion of construction. We allow you to choose any of the ways to start a long and productive cooperation, whether direct call or written communication with a specialist of our company, filling out the form 'Terms of Reference for the construction of the LSTS' with contact information, or a preliminary calculation of the cost of a typical industrial building on our LSTS Calculator with filling out the feedback form.

2. Technical consultation.

In the event that the data specified in the terms of reference is not sufficient to form a commercial offer, our specialist will contact you. The clarifications may relate to the proposed site of construction, the designation of the building, technological loads, the results of geological and geodetic surveys, the desired type of exterior and interior decoration of the building. The employee of our company will advise you of the advantages of the construction of wireframe technology, provide recommendation on the choice of optimal design solutions.

3. Pre-project commercial offer

When technical consultations are carried out and all the necessary data are present in the terms of reference, a commercial proposal is formed. It contains information on the cost of materials necessary for the construction of the frame, the external and internal decoration of the building, the device of inter-floor and attic ceiling, the roof, the filling of window and door openings, etc. The commercial proposal also shows the cost of installation works corresponding to each of the above positions. Our experts will provide you with 3D models of the building, namely the visualization of the exterior finish and the frame. We strive to help you present your future building in every detail. Also at this stage, we strongly recommend that our clients consult with the relevant local authorities on obtaining permission for construction or reconstruction in order to avoid further conflict situations regarding the commencement of construction work without appropriate permits.

4. Designing

The use of modern software systems allows you to perform design work of high complexity in a high-quality, inexpensive and in a short time. On the basis of the Terms of Reference for Design, a 'Contract for Designing works' is drawn up, which displays the time and cost of the design work. At this stage, corrections and changes in the project are possible. At the end of the design work, the originals of the projects are transferred to the Customer in hard copy and electronic version for approval.

5. Frame production

After agreeing the project, we can begin to produce a frame from LST profiles at our factory, and the subsequent assembly of the structure. The terms of production, schedules of delivery, the order of the delivered items are agreed with the Customer. All this is displayed in the Supply Agreement. Also we can carry out the delivery of structures to the site by own or hired heavy-haul transport. All products produced by our factories are accompanied by quality certificates and relevant certificates.

6. Frame installation and finishing works

It should be noted that the erection of buildings with wireframe technology takes place in a short time by the forces of our own assembly department, equipped with all necessary equipment and tools. Installation of frame buildings from LST-profiles is carried out all year round, except for extremely low temperatures and direct precipitation. Schedules for the execution of installation work are coordinated with the Customer and recorded in the Installation Contract. If it is necessary to ensure a shortened time for installation works, our company, by agreement with the Customer, can attract subcontractors, provided they comply with all Building Norms and Rules, and is responsible for their work as for our own. After the completion of construction and installation work, an Act of Completed Work is drawn up and all necessary documentation, books, Acts of production of hidden works, etc. are transferred to the Customer.

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