House construction

In the section presented typical solutions of energy-efficient frame houses from environmentally friendly materials. The profiles for the steel frame are made of high-strength steel grades and have a protective zinc coating of the 1st class, which guarantees high corrosion resistance.

Due to the engineering solution of the “closed thermal circuit,” we avoided the formation of “cold bridges” in frame construction and achieved the thermal protection of walls that exceed the normative one.

Set of LSTS

Designed on advanced software and manufactured on high-tech equipment. It is equipped with professional fasteners.

Construction of LSTS

Construction of a house in 3 months:

  • Foundation;
  • Internal and external walls
  • Roof and ceiling;
  • Warming of 200 mm;
  • Windows and doors;
  • Finishing decoration of the facade and wall lining inside the plasterboard.

One-story houses

Two-story houses

Houses with an attic

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