Rafter system from LSTS


Any structure ends with the installation of a roof. The basic supporting structure of any roof is the rafter system. And the more qualitative the roof frame, the more reliable will be the roof of the building.


For the roof, the rafter system from LSTS is an unquestionably reliable and profitable solution.


Rafter systems are installed from light steel thin-walled structures. Possessing a number of advantages over other materials. The system is made of non-combustible materials, providing high safety.


The roof is subject to constant influence of external sources: wind, precipitation and other factors. In addition, the roofing system must be designed to easily withstand the constant load of roofing material, insulation and snow that has been used, so it is very important to plan and calculate its structure in advance.


To order the roof frame from LSTS is the best way to get a reliable, cozy and high-quality roof or attic.


Having received the calculations for the roof frame from LSTS, the price will pleasantly surprise with its democratic character.


The estimated period of operation of the rafter system from LSTS is about one hundred years. LSTS designs use high-quality galvanized steel, which does not require additional anticorrosion treatment and chemical treatment by microorganisms.


The frame from LSTS does not change the geometric shape during its service life, which is actual for loads from snow cover.


There is no dependence in the choice of cover material, the system can be designed for any of them, given the presence of mansard and conventional windows, chimneys and ventilation ducts.



In 2017 specialists of our company erected a roof truss system over a multi-storey apartment building in Gostomel