Monolithic works

Monolithic construction

The vast experience of the company in the field of monolithic construction makes it possible to implement projects of any complexity, ranging from housing construction and ending with special constructions.
Arched constructions, underground passages, wells, pumping stations, overpasses made from monolithic reinforced concrete, our company has repeatedly successfully built including in difficult weather-climatic and seismic conditions.
For all this, we are financially provided with a constantly updated set of formwork, concrete care products (warming up, moisture retention, irrigation, etc.) in an amount that allows us to manage several projects at the same time.
The company maintains close partnerships with suppliers of high-quality concrete KOVALSKAYA and ADS, which allows us to make our commercial offers competitive enough, and our complex partners PERI-Ukraine and ALTURA, which provide us with elements of non-standard formwork, help solve complex solutions for monolithic works.

Сoncrete roads

Recently, interest in concrete roads has grown in Ukraine.
The reasons for this are the approximation of the price for the construction of a road construction unit (RCU) from asphalt to the price of a cement concrete coating with a much longer service life of the last type of road.
Taking into account this trend, our company has been successfully engaged in the construction of roads in a rigid type of cement concrete, including in the context of a harsh continental climate. This is already appreciated by our customers, as well as by the fact that we, as contractors, solve the complex implementation of several construction orders simultaneously, for example, the construction of housing and access roads to it, of temporary or permanent use.

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