Construction and commercial modules.


The so-called small architectural forms, represent an economical version of the mobile building.

They are ideal for mobile business, sales departments for new buildings, can be used as street cafes, shops, express services, temporary guard posts or outbuildings, as well as for temporary residence of workers.


The main advantage of the modules is the possibility of multiple transportation from one place to another.


In the construction company “KREATOR” it is possible to order metal modules with the help of which it is possible to build building bases in the shortest possible time, or to erect an exhibition or a trading hall.

We offer our clients the most favorable conditions for cooperation, democratic prices and quality guarantees.

Modular metal structures consist of universal blocks.

Finished structures have both external and internal decoration, depending on the wishes of customers.

One of the important advantages of building modules is that they can be installed on virtually any soil: on crushed stone, on a concrete slab, in general, on any hard surface.

Modules from the company “Kreator” can be used for erecting objects of any purpose.

One of the directions of construction, which uses our modular metal structures, is the erection of offices. Office created with the help of building modules is comfortable, modern and mobile. Due to the ease of installation and dismantling, such an office can move many times without losing operational and technical characteristics. The construction of office complexes can be an ideal solution during the repair of the capital office or with the expansion of the staff.


For all the time of our work, our company has developed a clear system of customer service and has formed a stable pricing policy that allows us to provide mutually beneficial cooperation with a wide variety of customers.

We manufacture metal modules that are in high demand with our customers due to their moderate cost and consistently high quality.