Nowadays, embedded details are in high demand.

CC “KREATOR” has extensive experience in the manufacture and installation of embedded parts for metal structures.

As a rule, embedded parts are used in the installation of buildings and structures to connect structural elements.

In most cases, embedded parts in reinforced concrete products are provided in advance, and then with bolted or welded joints are attached to each other.


We have experience in the manufacturing of hinged joints of frames with embedded details.



Our own well-established production and excellent technical equipment allows us to manufacture embedded parts of various types, including those per customer’s design.


We can produce emedded details of any complexity.

It is important to remember that the success of a good installation depends directly on the correct choice of embedded parts. Therefore, if you can competently select the metal structures, it will provide a truly reliable joint.

In case of difficulties, you can always ask our managers for help.

At all stages of production of embedded parts in the construction company “KREATOR” strict quality control is carried out.

Vast experience and qualification allow us to guarantee consistently high quality of products and the shortest terms of execution of your order.