Installation of metal roofing

Installation of metal roofing

Installation of metal roofing

The scope of metal roofing is diverse. It is installed on residential and industrial facilities. The very construction of the roof is a very complex, multi-stage process, which requires highly qualified specialists and exact observance of the corresponding technological procedures provided for by certain state and project standards. There are several types of metal roofs: seam roofing, metal roofing, roofing profile sheet and rhombuses.

Execution of roofing works – is considered one of the most responsible and laborious processes. After all, modern roofing is quite a complex construction, it can be compared to a “multi-layered pie”, which consists of a large number of components – it is a vapor barrier and waterproofing film and a layer of insulation, windproof, roofing and much more.

CC “Kreator” offers a full range of services associated with metal roofing.

Designing and construction of rafters, including metal (LSTS technology). Installation of the roof and drainage system “turnkey”.

Our company has many years of experience in performing roofing work. Engineering and technical personnel of the company, prior starting the work will prepare the necessary designing and estimate documentation for roofing works and materials while taking into account all the wishes of our client.

We carry out roofing works of any complexity: installation of a roof made of metal, waterproofing of roofs, thermal insulation of the roof. We compile an estimate for roofing works and materials taking into account all the wishes of our client. We also select the optimal roofing materials and deliver them directly to the installation site.

Turning to СС “Kreator”, you can be completely sure that the roofing works will be done qualitatively and in the shortest time, and the roof itself will serve you for many years!

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